Sunday, July 20, 2008

myweb-Blog New Look!

I think I will settle with this look for now. I'll be changing the whole look when I caught up with other layout designs. Julie and my sister doesn't like the color it looks dull. Well- I'm trying to experiment the colors I haven't use, as you know I always get stuck with pink which I love the most. wink*.

This is the previous look. If anyone interested my previous layout email we will talk wink*. carlota dot myweblog at gmail dot com.

Right side column Advertise Here if you are interested for the spot email me with your 125 X 125 banner this is FREE and it will stay until further notice.

Check out Dashing Smiles for the new look as well. Thanks!


Changing to a new Layout

Friends please bear with me this blog is ...


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tess Blog

Here is Tess Pinay Mom in Czech Rep customize layout, the 3rd week winner.

Request info:

Title: Pinay Mom in Czech Republic (Success is in your hands)

Color Combination: Light Blue and White

Graphics or picture for the header: attached.
Here's the look of Tess layout ... I tried not to cover the beauty of the photo. Please visit her blog to see it live!



I finally install Nadean's blog layout. Nadean is my friend/co-worker, I urged her to blog just for fun. She kept ignoring me until the bad news. So, as a final point hahaha I finally persuaded her to blog.

She has two adorable (spoiled) cats name Smokey and Tiger. Please help me to welcome her to blogging world. And visit her blog to meet Smokey and Tiger.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Emotera's Blog

Request info:
medyo natagalan ako pumili ng magandang header for my blog pero feeling ko this is the best pink header na maganda. pwede po ba na medyo patingkarin ang pagkapink nya? parang medyo orange eh. then yung font for posts sana trebuchet na pang small font. sana po yung template shows a combination of pink and violet na three column. I love the way you design po yung mga template nyo na parang spring ng notebook yung division...i like that sana po for my blog (just like the way you made it sa blog nyong ganda ng partition ng blog. yun po bahala na po kayo.
The magic of photoshop; provided picture becomes pink wink*.Here's the look...Please visit her blog to see it live.

Emotera (mag-emote and bby ko)


Live Laugh Love

Jemi was impressed of my designs and contacted me to design a blog template for her. I’m really happy that she contacted and grateful that she perceive my designs. Thanks ‘ngay very much appreciated.

Layout info:

3 column; Feminine look. Pink or pastels color combination.
Here's the look...Please visit her blog to see it live!


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Janeth Vicy's Blog

Here is Vicy's customize layout, the 2nd week winner.

Request Info:
Title: Janeth Vicy's Life Journey
Color Combination: Pink template, Black and Georgia fonts . Blue link list
Header Picture: Blue Rose w/ my Photo..Attached
Photos Provided:

I add some blue in the layout so it balance the entire layout. Here's the look...Please visit her blog to see it live.

Janeth Vicy's Life Journey


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mr. Nice Guy Blog

Request Info:
Color blue; photos provided; replace the picture of million dollar man. wink* ... notebook style.

=> I wasn't sure about the notebook style, because of the picture provided; I don't think will fit the description. Well- I put together and showed it to him and he likes it, so here it is. Please visit his blog to see it live!


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Outback Pinay's Blog

Another Yum's blog.

Request info:
I have an idea into how I want my turns out. I hope this is not too much to ask. If you have further more questions, we can chat ghapon. Lols... In my header, I want a graphics like a lady that is doing some home duties. Could be holding a broom, or naka apron kasi that's how my life is d2. Mainly kasi ning blog nako is more on my life as a stay home mum and doing some home duties. Not sure if you can picture out what I want. Lols...As we talked earlier, I want yung red color kasi medyo alive sya and nasa gitna yung body. You can leave it na white background para hinde masakit sa mata.Sa sidebar naman is parang notebook like the one you have sa dashing smile mo. (I think you mean this blog wink*)
Visualizing the request can’t think of anything, so, I run to my best buddy mr. Google to the rescue. I found couple of graphics but it doesn’t fit of what I already have visualized for the request. I dig through my folders and found the cute colors clipart that I had it long time ago. I showed it to her and viola!

Here is the look ... Please visit her blog to see it live.

Thanks so much girl, I really appreciate your generosity.


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sheng's Blog

Sheng's won the 1st week Customize Layout Weekly Contest.

When I design her layout I got panic attack (not really), imagine, I finished the design and all of the sudden PSP gave me an error, I couldn’t save it at all. I was frustrated but calm. Well- since I couldn’t save it, I print screen the whole layout and paste it to bitmap (paint). I know it’ll be flatten and couldn’t work with layers anymore but I got no choice, its only way I won’t start from the scratch. Thanks to my brilliant idea it works!

Request info:

I would still like to have white as the main background, just with a touch of pink and purple. I would also prefer to have purple as the font's color. If you could suggest anything, just please let me know.
Here is the look. Please visit here site to see it live.

Sheng, once again thanks for the patience.