Monday, January 5, 2009

Goobye Blogger!

Yes- goodbye blogger and hello wordpress! This afternoon this blog will be move to wordpress. I'm so excited about it especially I able to re-create this layout.

I really love this layout and really want to use it with wordpress platform.

Wish comes true!

For past couple of days after searching hundredths of wordpress theme I finally found the theme that I like and able to customize it. The theme is very simple I just put my personal touch to it. And voila! But trust me I surely spent tons of hours to figure out, not to mention my computer and photoshop wasn’t with me (cooperating) the entire ordeal. I was pulling my hair out. Hehehe.

In any rate, please excuse the mess pretty soon.

I'm off for doctor appointment, later! Hugs and kisses to all!
To my Followers: Don't worry I will give you a spot to my new platform.

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