Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lanie's Xmas-LO's

I can't believe I installed 6 blogs today not to mention I made 7 layouts in past couple days! I think I'm done for tonight. To those who are in queue lists I promise you’ll get your layout before Christmas, wink*, I will work OT sometimes next week. I know it’s going to be hard since I still have some project to finish at work. And the worse part only 2 employees left in my group and the girl is working with me is getting married, so, I’ll be the one who will do all the works. I think I need a fair god mother to give me a wand so I can do the magic, or perhaps a magician.
Requested color combinations: white, green, blue, light blue, red, dark pink, dark purple, light purple, light brown OR up to me. And also she wanted simple designs.

Here are the simple designs I came up with. Please visit her blogs to see it live! Thank You!