Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sheng's Blog

Sheng's won the 1st week Customize Layout Weekly Contest.

When I design her layout I got panic attack (not really), imagine, I finished the design and all of the sudden PSP gave me an error, I couldn’t save it at all. I was frustrated but calm. Well- since I couldn’t save it, I print screen the whole layout and paste it to bitmap (paint). I know it’ll be flatten and couldn’t work with layers anymore but I got no choice, its only way I won’t start from the scratch. Thanks to my brilliant idea it works!

Request info:

I would still like to have white as the main background, just with a touch of pink and purple. I would also prefer to have purple as the font's color. If you could suggest anything, just please let me know.
Here is the look. Please visit here site to see it live.

Sheng, once again thanks for the patience.