Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Perfect match for my Blog - On Mindscape

Another blog done and is for Maria Victoria the author of On Mindscape. She saw my design at Gigi’s blog, she asked and contacted me. And here’s her blog. wink*

Referring from the title On Mindscape, I couldn’t think of a graphic for it. I know there’s a lot but I just can’t think of anything. Since it does personalize I asked her if she have a graphic that I can work on. And she gave me this picture/graphic; she said she loves the concept of the photo. And being a Filipino I understand.

We talked; she asked if I can make a digiscrap for it. I tried, use diff digital scrap element to

corporate with the photo but just doesn’t look right. I think because of the photo? So, I played around with the photo and with the help of my bff PSP it turned just fine.

Please visit On Mindscape to see it live.
Happy Wednesday everyone!