Monday, June 30, 2008

Yum's Blog

Kinda hard cause there's no graphics provided; plus wasn't sure the color we are going to use. Well- since it's winter in her place, I suggest maybe blue and wintery look. Luckily, I remembered I have something for it, I played around and after the 4th layout we both finally agree on. The 1st one was pretty too but she wasn't sure with her picture on it so, I just make it simple.

Here's the look of her layout. Please visit her blog to see it live. ( Yum- I need to re-do the css style or the html because when you use IE the navigator is out of whack. hehehe. Don't worry I will fix it.


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Agring's Blog

Another participant of my 1st ever contest. Thanks again Gring.

Request info:

I want 3 columns tapos possible color red, white, black. Ug naay something about cooking ang bg that would be nice if not nice raman gihapon. Thank you so much kaayo!
Here's the design...Please visit her blg to see it live!


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gerly's Blog

Gerly contacted me to design her blog when they were in Indiana for vacation? Then couple days ago, she IM me that she's ready to have me work on her blog. Well- as usual I asked for pictures as well as the color combinations and all.

Request info:
Hello Carlota, ikaw nalang mag design sa blog ko ang title nya is "Life Has Alot to Offer"tell me when you are done, para bayad ko nimo through paypal. Gus2 ko pareha ani kay pero kanang wala lang code o bagis bagis kanang tapad sa books, ang layout style pareha 3 columns pero color fuschia akoa, ikaw na bahala style sa header or everything basta ayaw lang daghan bling bling hehehe gi attached naku some of my pics here, gus2 ko starring sa header hahaha para sadya. You are the expert! :) We can chat more online about this matter when you get a chance, if ever not, I gave you everything you need na, once you are done this, I still have some more blogs that I would like you will be the one to design all of them. :)
Provided photo plus personal...

Here's the new look of her blog ... Please visit her blog to see it live.

I got your email and give me sometimes to design it. I'll be busy at work until Friday, hopefully I'll get done soon so I can start working on it.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shoshana's Blog

Shoshana is one of the participant but the thing is I forgot to post or include her entry. I really felt so bad when I found out that she posted her entry and I missed it. I think is not to late to read her entry, please click this Moment of Peace.

Here's the design of her blog. She provided me with the photos. Please visit her blog site to see it live.

Shoshana - 'Coz I'm a Book-aholic
Another blog of her that I design. MidasFive {Mother, Wife, Etcetera, etc.}


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Glorie's Blogs

Finally I installed my sister's Fit4All blog, this is after the begging and all, wink* ... Please visit her blogs to see it live.

Fit 4 All ... I wasn't really sure the color combinations she had chosen but since it's her blog and the color she wants, I got nothing to say. hehehe. Well- I think it turned out good.
Glorie Solitude - I designed this way back. I need to re-install the html code cause in some reason she can't edit the page elements.
Restlessrant - again I installed this long time ago. I found this layout and I kinda like it. I made the header and modified the color combinations a little bit.
Dress me Up - Glorie's Fashion Collection. When I design the layout I was a novice wink*. Well- up until now I still am but just got improve a little. I might re-do it to look a little better. Don't you agree?


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dhoy's Blog

Dhoy - Simply Irrestible ... another winner. She's 3rd placer. You can read her entry HERE. Thanks again Dhoy for participating.

Request info:

pwede ba na yong green sa existing blog ko e the same color don sa stem ng flower. also yong picture is a little bit light pwede ba darken yon a little bit. sorry di ko alam kung ano magagawa but it is all up to you kung ano pwede mo gawin. you are an artist kaya ikaw na bahala . I saw some of your works magaganda kaya ikaw na lang magdecide. Again maraming marami salamat. di ko alam kung kelangan mo ng access sa exiting blog ko. pls let me know. TY
Here's the design...Please visit her blog to see it live.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Genny's Blog

Genny's - My Life's Adventure ... one of the participants of my contest. She didn't win but since the contest was a successful one I decided to make all the participants a customize layout.

Request info:
background - blue
header - pics in the attachment
3 column
Title of the blog - My Life's Adventure
url -
Text - black
Here's the design ... Please visit her site to see it live...


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Princess Blog

Princess - Images of Aloha is the 1st place of my 1st ever contest. ms. Princess once again thanks so much for participating, very much appreciated.

Princess provided me with all the digiscrap elements. I'm no expert of digital scrapping, this is what I come out with. What do you think? Just trying my best. Please visit her blog to see it live.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Irish Blog

Irish won a 2nd place of my first ever contest. ms. Irish thanks again for participating really appreciate it.

Request info:

Color: combination of light colors, pink, blue, and yellow.

I need a 3 column miss carl, like what you have for your blog. Your posts are in the middle and there are 2 sides for the widgets: left and right. Light colors but the header would reflect the theme, Creative Thoughts.
provided photo by ms. Irish

Here's the result...Please visit her blog to see it live!