Saturday, July 5, 2008

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Request info:
I have an idea into how I want my turns out. I hope this is not too much to ask. If you have further more questions, we can chat ghapon. Lols... In my header, I want a graphics like a lady that is doing some home duties. Could be holding a broom, or naka apron kasi that's how my life is d2. Mainly kasi ning blog nako is more on my life as a stay home mum and doing some home duties. Not sure if you can picture out what I want. Lols...As we talked earlier, I want yung red color kasi medyo alive sya and nasa gitna yung body. You can leave it na white background para hinde masakit sa mata.Sa sidebar naman is parang notebook like the one you have sa dashing smile mo. (I think you mean this blog wink*)
Visualizing the request can’t think of anything, so, I run to my best buddy mr. Google to the rescue. I found couple of graphics but it doesn’t fit of what I already have visualized for the request. I dig through my folders and found the cute colors clipart that I had it long time ago. I showed it to her and viola!

Here is the look ... Please visit her blog to see it live.

Thanks so much girl, I really appreciate your generosity.