Friday, August 22, 2008

Hobby and Such by Carlota

Thursday when I was home not feeling good after my long nap I put together another blog for my all time hobby which is sewing, crafts and gardening. Actually the idea when I was thinking of changing my layout for my creations blog I asked help and with the comments Hobby and Such by Carlota got created.

Here's the look... please visit to see it live.
The header concept: dresses I have sewn for my DD when she was a toddler, landscape of our garden; I design the landscaping of our front garden and I did all the hard work. Funny story, we had a radio remote control of our satellite TV. I put Julie in front of the TV locked her walker so she can't pushed around I let her watched her favorite channel Disney and PBS while I was outside working on my garden; since I have the radio remote control with me I changed channel when it’s time for the show; changing the channel she feels like I’m inside the house. I am just so lucky that she loved to watch TV. hahaha

Anyway, in my Hobby and Such blog I will be sharing all my previous creations. Who knows I'll have the time to create a new ones. wink*

Getting hungry, all for now ... Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Hugs & kisses.

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