Monday, August 4, 2008


Here is Marky's customize layout Winner of Customize Layout (week-6).

Congrats to Marky!

Layout info:

 Marky's simple request ... 1. Three columns lang japon. Post entry sa center. Then sidebars sa kilid (of course..sidebar gani..LOL), with the same width. Ang widths of 3 columns kay katong pareha kadako sa ako domain lay-out (please). 2. Title is "Tiklaton" then ang tag line is "_we are the witness!" 3. Colors are combinations of: #aadd99 (or other greens...nga related); #cccccc; #333333; black; white...
He requested for the header if can be same or slight aspect of my graphic header. As you can see it has similarity or I would say exactly the same but different color. Marky don’t worry I will change mine; you know me I keep changing my layout maybe next month. wink*

Here's the look...Please visit his blog to see it live.