Friday, March 7, 2008

Blog Update

It's been awhile haven't post here. Just a little busy with other stuff.

I finally finished installed or update friends blogs layout. Actually I still have 4 more to go. Hopefully I will finish it this weekend or early next week. Saturday weather permit Kathy might be coming for beer party wink*. It was her birthday yesterday and i invited her to come over in my house for beer this Saturday. We both loved beer and hubby just bought fresh keg. hehehe.

Anyway, please visit friends blogs I just recently work on.

Butchay's Blog => She requested for scrapping look design for template. But since I no expert with scrapping, I meant a real scrapping I create one for her w/c the one I'm using right now for my CARLOTAONLINE. Well- is not what she's looking for. We chatted and I asked her exactly what she's looking for. She gave ideas and elements to work on. I put together for her, I think we went through 3 templates and finally she was satisfied the last template. She apologized for being peaky, but I told her NO worry that's I called my blog as specialty design it's more personalize design. I am giving her all the credits, she provide me all the elements and she helped me designed the layout. Please visit her blog to see the layout that we both put together.

Amy => Kalidadis and Pinay-at-Heart
Ruby => Simply the Best and Euro Graffiti
Mira => Random Thoughts [all the colors she likes, i just put together for her]

More coming up...